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For the Sake of the Rose, the Thorn is Watered Too | African Proverbs | AFIAPodcast

Welcome to #AFIAPodcast, where we delve into the wisdom of Africa through captivating proverbs. In this episode, we explore the profound saying, “For the Sake of the Rose, the Thorn is Watered Too.” Join us on a journey of understanding as we uncover the layers of meaning behind this ancient African wisdom.

African proverbs hold timeless insights that resonate across cultures and generations. In this installment, we unravel the significance of nurturing even the challenging aspects in pursuit of beauty and growth, much like the rose and its thorns.

Tune in and let the wisdom of the ages guide us in our modern lives. Don’t miss this thought-provoking conversation that bridges tradition and relevance. I also interview Eddy Kenzo, a Ugandan musician and social activist, about his thoughts on the proverb.

Join us on our #AFIAPodcast platform and listen to the latest episode at 6 am PST/4 pm EAT on YouTube (@okelojavan). Share your thoughts on this proverb in the comments below and be a part of the enriching dialogue.

Share your thoughts on this proverb in the comments below.

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