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My Latest Book

Rooted In Love

Rooted In Love tells the story of just a few who have discovered or used their strengths to help others. This book will inspire you to look deep inside yourself to find your niche in the puzzle of creating a more sustainable world. Welcome to the Village of today, tomorrow, and the future.

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My Latest Book

Rooted In Love

Why This Project?

The Stength of Others

Rooted In Love contains amazing pictures from Kenya and Seattle. There are pictures that Simon took by himself. There are also pictures taken by photographers from Kenya like Otieno Okong’o of Krushal Entertainment. Currently based in Sweden, Otieno was one of the first photographers to capture One Vibe activities between 2008 to 2013 in Kenya.

There are also pictures taken by photographers from outside Kenya. In 2014, Simon went to Kenya with Corvus Eye Media and Tackett Films, which are thriving film and media production companies from Seattle that accompanied him to take photos and videos of our work in Kisumu.

Praise for Rooted In Love

As an African musician who has dedicated the importance of art and music in social development, I was extremely inspired by this effort and understood the long-lasting impact this important work contributed to the empowerment of the local environment.

Rocky Dawuni

Grammy-Nominated Ghanian Artist

As an Ethiopian-American woman, I understand the importance of giving youth the necessary tools to build a future that is self-directed and meaningful for them.

Meklit Hadero

Singer, Composer, Musician, Cultural Activist

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