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Responsible Tourism In Africa

Travel In Africa is a weekly virtual event held every Wednesday at 11:00am PST on Clubhouse and YouTube to recruit One Vibe Experience participants and build a community of travel enthusiasts between Africa and the African Diaspora and connect them with the motherland through the One Vibe Experience, which is an opportunity for you to have a cultural exchange with the most beautiful people in the world. 

Although part of the One Vibe Experience trip is “service”, we find that people come home with the feeling that “they” have been helped. Going on a trip definitely changes the way you look at the world. Africa has a way of cracking your heart wide open and often brings out your best self through connecting with others! You will have amazing fresh food from the farm to the table daily. You will experience singing, dancing, networking with other leaders, and live by the largest Lake in Africa and visit the world famous Masai Mara National Park.

Sign up and you will be the first 100 to get access to One Vibe Experience customized travel packages that will be safe, slower, soulful, secluded, and sustainable. Experience Kenya in 2022 and beyond!

A One Vibe Experience is the opportunity for Africans in the diaspora and people passionate about Africa to convene in Kisumu, Kenya to serve, connect and immerse themselves in the Kenyan culture. One Vibe Experience provides opportunities for you to spend time at Young Generation Centre where One Vibe Africa is based and also visit various parts of Kenya and have the opportunity to learn about Kenya as if you are a Kenyan!! 

We are actively seeking participants, partners, and sponsors. If you want to join us in 2022 and 2023 please let us know through this link:\

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