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Tribute to Archbishop Desmond Tutu w Elder Jay Naidoo

Tribute to Archbishop Desmond Tutu by Elder Jay Naidoo

I am not an optimist 
I am a prisoner of conscience. 
A beholder of the truth. 
In the blazing furnace 
Of my faith. 

Unblinded by the prejudice it carries. 
Cleanzing the poisoned chalice 
Of Untruth and Ignorance. 
Living without judgment 
Fighting for human rights. 
Workers rights. Gay rights. Ecological rights. 

My mind drifts. 
The explosive Eighties. 
Your Truth swims against the currents of our anger. 
Your truth pierces the fragile birth of a new activism. 
Guiding it’s difficult journey 
With your overflowing compassion. 

Strengthening our moral fibre. 
Confronting our own demons. 
Our shadow of our dark side. 
You patiently pastored 
Our broken bones. 
Rekindling our Spirit. 

I thank you Arch. 
You were an ally. 
No more. 
You were our midwife. 
Our wise father 
In the search 
Of our Humanity. 

You taught me humility. 
And your bubbling laughter
Even in our most terrible moments 
Made our Spirit soar in flight. 

Like the morning of the bombing 
Of COSATU House 
Your embrace. Your home. 
Confronting the norm of fear
Even when they came for you. 

Thank you Arch. 
For a life fully embraced. 
For those moments when you held me. 
Especialy spiritually 
In my own those times of uncertainty 
And doubt. 

You have been my teacher. My pastor. My spiritual father. 
And I am grateful to have your Light  
And the optimism of your Conscience.  
In my humble Life. 


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