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Network, Navigate, and Nurture ft Michelle Ngome

I am finally publishing some of my earlier podcast episode that I did not have a chance to publish in the last few months.


I hope you will enjoy my conversation with Michelle Ngome who is a connection strategist, marketing expert and consultant. She is the founder of Line 25 Consulting, a marketing firm focused on content and social media marketing.


Michelle understands what drives powerful connections and is committed to helping others raise

their game through the delicate art of networking. She is the author of Network, Navigate &

Nurture: The Equation to Strategic Networking, a practical guide to networking success.

Michelle is dedicated to creating and sharing opportunities with others. She founded the

African-American Marketing Association, creating a platform that empowers Black marketers all

over the United States.


Michelle loves sharing her wisdom with her community. She has interviewed thought leaders on

her podcast, Networking with Michelle. She has also been featured across various reputable

media outlets where she is often seen offering insightful ideas and opinions on marketing and


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